One-on-One Mentoring 

Where: My studio is located in Point Clare- Central Coast.

When: You can book anytime you like (depending on availability) for  1:1 mentoring.

Time: 10am – 3pm

How much:  $1100 (Booking fee of $200 is required at the time of booking and will be deducted from the total amount).

Newborn mentoring sessions include the following:


  • Communicating and preparing clients for the session

  • How to set-up for a newborn session including preparation and styling

  • Insight into the flow of a typical newborn session and problem solving

  • Classic poses for newborns (hands on side/ tushie up)

  • Selected wrapping of your choice

  • Incorporating props

  • Keeping baby safe (and mum happy)

  • Planning for Digital Backdrops and preparation of sets and props

  • Working with baby – hints, tips and techniques on settling bubs, how to read signs for wind, swaddling methods and dealing with other situations

  • (lunch break)

  • A full set of Actions for free (all you need!)

  • 2 gift digital backdrops from my collection

  • 1 hour of editing a newborn image in Photoshop using the actions, plus editing one digital backdrop


Plus the optional lessons

  • Posing bub with family – Mum, dad and siblings

  • Marketing and Advertising

  • Creating a client gallery

  • Wrapping it up – sending the client their finished product

  • 9 hours of 3 more sessions, when you join me as an assistant in real sessions with clients, and get to absorb and practice even further.

What to bring: 


  • If you already own a DSLR camera, please bring it with you! I use Nikon.

  • A lens such as 50mm, 35mm or 24-70mm.

  • Clear Memory card.

  • Full camera batteries.

  • Notebook and pen, if you’d like to write notes.


* Please make sure to dress up comfortably, neutral colours and sleeveless are best, due to the heat in the studio.

* All images taken at our workshop can be used for your portfolio.


Please contact me for any further questions or booking details.


Natalie Houlding x

(I’m not planing on having any group workshops at the moment, but I’ll keep this page updated if I’ll decide to add one this year)

Canberra photography workshop

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