Wolverine – Newborn Digital backdrop Poppet

Yes! I’ve finally got around to doing an X-Men newborn digital poppet, and who else could it be other than baby Wolverine (lets not get to wrapped up in the canon of this :D). I ummed and ahhed on this one as Wolverine’s signature icon are those famous claws… Even knowing it was a Poppet, as a mother seeing anything sharp near bub gets me nervous. I settled on butter knives which I thought were the right balance of Wolverine and Newborn poppetness (yes I have just made that word up 🙂

Newborn Baby – Finn, only 10 days new, was the star of this particular Poppet and I couldnt have asked for a better expression of piercing eyes and grumpy face. Finn’s face was the perfect fit and X-Men fan mum loved it just as much!

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